How it started

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I suppose I should begin by explaining how I got “here”.
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to take a year off of work to travel and see the world. It was an impossible dream. There were so many reasons not to do it. I was married, then I was going through a divorce, then I bought my first yoga studio, then I had a boyfriend with a son, then I broke up with him but bought a second studio. Then there were reasons such as; I’m the only child here for my parents, what if they need me? My grandparents are in their 90’s, what if they need me? I own 2 businesses, have 2 cats, need money, etc… There was always a reason not to go.

On October 18th I had a reading at our Intuition Night at the studio. My reader told me I’d be moving, moving in with someone, and my whole life would be changing. I told her there was no way I’d be moving, and I definitely wouldn’t be moving in with someone! My lease was up in February, and I’d just spent a lot of money redecorating my apartment. There was NO WAY.
I had a retreat planned in Nicaragua for November that was supposed to be paid for, but ended up requiring me to pay to go, even though I was teaching the yoga. I didn’t care how much it cost to go, I knew this trip was going to change my life. It was completely a spiritual hunch, I like to call it. The only thing I knew for certain was that this trip was going to be life changing.
On November 22nd I got on a plane and flew to Nicaragua. The retreat was 8 days of total life transformation. This was a life coaching retreat, and I was sure I’d be finding my answers to my questions about my next step in this life while I was there.

By the second day I knew it was time for me to live my big life dream of traveling the world, I just couldn’t see how it would be possible. So I started to work through the fears and doubts. Not just listing them, but answering them. Once broken down, they didn’t seem so big anymore. In fact, most of them seemed trivial.
Each day, waking up in the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen, I decided to live my days as though I was never going back to Ohio;
I met the most interesting people, and “interviewed” them, asking questions like; “How long have you been traveling?”, “How do you support yourself while you travel?”, :”How do you do it?!”
The general answer was, “You just do it!”. I’d always reply with, “No, we don’t ‘just do it’ in Cleveland. We work until we die, and if we are really lucky, we might get 2 weeks of vacation a year, back to back.”
However, the more people I “interviewed” the more I started to wonder why I wasn’t “just doing it”. After all, I’m single, my apartment lease is up in February, I can sell one studio, my car is 11 years old, and if I’m lucky, I could find a home for my cats and my partner may let me out of our 5 year contract.
What I did know was that I couldn’t stand the thought of being on my deathbed at the end of my life and never having taken the chance to travel on my own. The very thought of that made my sad, depressed, and sick to my stomach.
I read somewhere that when an idea is spirit driven, it feels good to the body. When an idea causes ill feelings, that’s an ego driven, fear based idea, and not one to follow.

So I knew, this was where I was headed next. On the road.
It was thrilling, exciting, and invigorating. The sense of freedom that flooded over me was like a breath of new life, and I felt alive in a way that I haven’t felt in years, since I had left my unhealthy marriage. However, just like that time in my life, I was confused. What was I thinking?! But I knew in my heart that this was it. It’s time to go.

My mother and I were on the phone one evening while I was in Nicaragua. She told me she had a feeling I was going to come home and tell her that I was going to move to Costa RIca. My jaw dropped. I had never told her that, in fact, I have never even been to Costa Rica! As soon as she said it, I felt like the door was open to tell her that that was exactly what I was thinking of doing. Lucky for me, my parents love me enough to not only let me go, even when I know they wish I’d stay home, but to encourage and support my dream to explore the world, and really LIVE.
That is when this crazy idea really started to take off. I mentioned it to the group I was with, and they helped my thought process through every question I needed answered. They were supportive people, loving and selfless people, and I never felt so at home with a group of complete strangers, as I did that week.

I came home on December 1st at midnight, talked to my partner on December 4th, signed the business over to her on December 5th, worked out the details December 6th, sold some of my furniture on December 16th, and found a home for my two cats on December 19th. December 19th was the day we told our staff at the studio, and also the day I found out I have a new home in Costa Rica, and another retreat in Nicaragua in February.

Things are moving quickly. That’s the way things work with spirit, there’s no time to waste when you’re doing things right. I have complete faith that God is guiding me, and always will, so when I let go and let God take over amazing things happen.
I am so touched by the people in my life. The encouragement and support I’ve gotten from everyone friends to grandparents, is overwhelming.
Tears flowed a lot tonight, with a houseful of friends I really felt loved.

I wondered how much I’m going to miss them being around the corner. I worried about my sanity for a few minutes, but remembered that I’m being led, and therefore, will be just fine.
I know it won’t be the easiest of my journeys, but it will absolutely be worth it!

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