The beginning…

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lisa eyes


I am so excited that I cannot sleep! I have a big announcement to make, but must hold it in for 7 more days, and it’s almost impossible to contain myself.
So to satisfy my urge to spill the beans, I have made a game out of it. Every day, from yesterday until December 10, 2015, I will be documenting my journey on Instagram and Facebook. One picture a day of me living my lifelong dream in some way, shape or form.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram, please find me as lisafleminglive

Here begins the rest of my life!

8 thoughts on “The beginning…

  1. Fayne

    Congratulations! I was not surprised by your recent announcement… the message was pretty clear when I looked at your recent pictures. The the joy of finding the wonders of the world is now yours. Blessings To you on your journey. Fayne


  2. Shannon Pertz

    Lisa, I am not surprised at all that you have decided to take this journey and path in your life. You were a strong, courageous “teen” when I met you and you still are today. You have always had a spark and spirit about you. Let go…and Let God….Amen.



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